Bentham Playing Fields Association.

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13 August 2021


11 April 2021

If you would like to support Bentham Playing Fields, We do have a Go Fund Me page set up.

Any donations big or small are greatly appreciated.


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11 April 2021

Please can we remind the members of the public that there are no dogs allowed anywhere on the field, skate park or play park area, unless it is a guide or therapy dog. Thank you

11 April 2021

The Netball/Tennis Courts are hired out on Wednesday nights between 7pm - 8:30pm until further notice. The members of the public may not use the courts during this time. 

Thank you.

24 February 2020

Welcome to our website,  It is a sort of blog.  New stuff will appear on top of the older things.

You know how these things work.


You may have noticed it is a great year for Moles, We have Mole hills on top of Mole hills, 

We also have a very nice young man who comes and rehomes them.

So we are on with it.


We have also had an inspection of the Skate Park, The Tennis Courts or Multi User Games Area ( MUGA ) and the

Childrens play area.

There are some issues and problems we need to address to keep things safe to use. 

The Childrens Play area wooden swing thing had to be removed as it was rotten in places, We are aware of the state of the fence that surrounds the play area.


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